Installing the Home Theater Audio System

Audio video equipment is very vulnerable to installation errors. This does not mean when you install you have to hire experts. You can also install this audio video device yourself. Importantly, consider the installation instructions.

Here are the main things you should pay attention to:

– Place the device on the desired location. The distance between audio and video devices should not be far away. Adjust the distance with the availability of cables for audio-video.

On the latest devices, there is an option to display images on television and sound on the amplifier. To make no mistake, choose as you wish. Each alternative uses a different cable. Commonly, audio and video are connected with RCA cables. As slightly higher, the image is displayed through an RBG cable.

Please note the layout of the microphone and speakers to avoid feedback

When installing, note the cable type, cable color, and port color on the device. Connect the cable with the port according to the color. Be careful not to different colors because it will affect the image and sound display. If you have trouble to the installation just visit audio and video display installation

Installing a good audio system requires good planning. The first acoustic space that should be analyzed. The second optimization of the speaker system should be selected. The three audio components such as: preamplifier, Power Amplifier, tape recorder, DVD player, equalizer and pic up should be selected. Fourth, Optimization Installation of AM / FM antenna should be planned.

Installation System

The audio system can be divided into low-level and high-level circuits. Output recorder, output tape recorder is a low level circuit. Low level circuit sensitive to noise caused by electrical noise (hum). Therefore the interconnection between the audio components at the lower level needs to use the audio cable. An audio cable is a cable consisting of a protective conductor. It is advisable that high-level circuits such as power amplifiers are insensitive to noise so they do not require protective cables.